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Guest Experts


Sarah Gunn

DIY expert

Sarah Gunn has always had a passion for design and pretty things. As a child, when her friends were shopping for Benetton sweatshirts, Sarah was shopping for pretty cushions and painting furniture. Her parents inspired Sarah’s love for all things beautiful with childhood drives along the ocean to visit antique shops, searching for that perfect find.

Although she did not set foot on a plane until her early 20s, Sarah loves to travel. Her years as an elementary teacher allowed her to live in cities like Stockholm and London. Known to walk an entire city in one day to see “everything”, she is inspired by the beauty in each new place she explores.

Upon her return to Canada, Sarah settled down with her husband just outside Toronto. Staying home with her two young sons has provided her with the amazing opportunity to follow her lifelong dream of becoming an interior stylist. Sarah has a passion for decorating children’s spaces and of working with children and their parents to create the perfect room, one that is both beautiful and functional. As an artist, she also creates custom art to personalize each space.

Sarah is a regular guest expert on Cityline where she shares decorating tips and stylish DIY projects. She loves the opportunity to express her creativity, to take something and make it more that what it was, and to show everyone just how easy it can be. She writes the design blog for the popular Canadian website, Yummy Mummy Club and has been published in Today’s Parent magazine.


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