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Fashion Friday


Fabulous spring looks from Freda’s, how to dry your bangs properly, plus one lucky audience member receives a beautiful makeover.

Around The House


We’re spending time in the kitchen with the hottest gadgets, delicious recipes, and cleaning tips! Plus, find out how to pick the right ottoman for your home.

Mother's Day


It’s all about Mom today! We pamper our audience full of moms and daughters, show off family fashion on our guest experts, and prepare the perfect breakfast in bed.

Family Day


Fast dinner ideas from the Looneyspoons, cute spring clothes for kids, and photographer Anne Geddes joins Dr. Marjorie Dixon to discuss a health issue she’s passionate about.

Home Day


Creative decor and DIYs for kids’ rooms from tots to teens, great ideas for getting your home organized and tidy for spring, plus decor finds from Sharon Grech’s trip to Milan.

Cityline Videos

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