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Summer Entertaining

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Mango, feta and baby tomato salad

Embrace summer with a fresh, colourful salad made up of veggies and fruits — the perfect app for a summer party!


Peach cobbler

Massimo Capra’s drool-worthy peach cobbler is a guaranteed family fave (and shockingly easy!).


Blueberry shortcakes

Claire Tansey brings us her favourite summer dessert recipe that you can customize to your liking. Try adding in strawberries, rhubarb, or raspberries—the options are endless!


Flank steak with fresh salsa

Need an impressive fool-proof meal plan for a BBQ party? Try Claire Tansey's flank steak paired with a savoury avocado tomato salsa.


Champagne shallot soup

Randy Feltis shares his delicious recipe and a serving idea that's perfect for parties!


Brunchy punch

You won’t believe what’s in this cocktail! Shoana Jensen shares her newest punch recipe that you'll want to sip all summer long!