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randy feltis

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  • oct21-foccacia

    The ultimate focaccia sandwich

    Turn that pizza dough into a mouthwatering sandwich from Chef Randy Feltis.

  • oct21-pizzadough

    Homemade pizza dough

    Want to make your own pizza from scratch? Chef Randy Feltis has you covered with this recipe!

  • oct21-saltyballs

    PIE’s Salty Balls

    If you can't make it to Chef Randy Feltis' restaurant PIE in Barrie, try making his delicious savoury appetizer at home instead!

  • oct8-meatballs

    Blue cheese-stuffed chicken meatballs with carrot purée

    Fill your mouth with flavour with Randy Feltis' cheese-filled meatballs, perfect for your next casual get-together.

  • oct8-lobstercorndog

    Lobster corn dog with remoulade sauce

    Pull out the deep fryers and get ready with your skewers! Chef Randy Feltis takes a classic corn dog for a spin.

  • sept23-mushrooms

    ‎Mushroom Duxelles

    Take this watery vegetable and enhance its flavour with this recipe by Randy Feltis.

  • sept23-poppyseedliver

    Poppy seed-crusted veal liver with champagne shallot sauce

    Want to cook liver but not sure if the kids will like it? Try this recipe! Chef Randy Feltis says the key is to not overcook it.

  • sept10-chopsalad

    Market chop chop salad

    Randy brings us the salad to end all salads: the "chop chop" — where no veggie is spared.

  • sept10-flatchicken

    Lemon garlic rosemary flat chicken

    If you are tight for time, Randy Feltis brings us a quick and easy flat chicken recipe to feed the whole family in record time.

  • zucchinirelish

    Randy’s zucchini relish

    If you have too much zucchini or just can’t get enough of it, why not make it into a relish? Randy Feltis brings us the best and easiest zucchini relish recipe your family will love.

  • aug25-cauliflower

    Cauliflower steak with sweet corn and mussels

    Ever heard of a veggie steak? Let Randy Feltis introduce you to your next favourite, healthy meal with his drool-worthy cauliflower steak.

  • aug25-apps

    3 stylish (and yummy!) appetizer ideas

    Who knew Tostitos could be fancied up like this? Randy Feltis shows us how to make 3 delicious appetizer ideas your guests will love!

  • jul29-hotsauce

    Homemade hot sauce

    Do you like your sauce hot or mild? Whatever you prefer, you can create you own custom hot sauce with Randy's sure-fire recipe that you can keep for up to two years!

  • jul29-soup

    Tomato and peach soup with mint pistachio pesto

    Upgrade your average tomato soup with Randy Feltis’ veggie/fruit hybrid paired with a delectable mint pesto!

  • jun30-tacos

    Crispy pork belly tacos

    We sure do love tacos, especially when they go beyond the basics! This fresh take on tacos is a hearty lunch or dinner the whole family will love.

  • jun24-soup

    Champagne shallot soup

    Randy Feltis shares his delicious recipe and a serving idea that's perfect for parties!

  • jun10-rhubarbpizza

    Rhubarb Nutella pizza

    With rhubarb in season, it's time to reap in all its benefits with a delicious dessert pizza for a post-dinner treat!

  • jun10-rhubarbcocktail

    Rhubarb Bellini

    Mix some fresh rhubarb with a little bit of bubbly to create this yummy cocktail you can enjoy all summer long.

  • jun10-bacon

    Bacon-wrapped chicken chops with rhubarb ketchup

    Randy Feltis creates drool-worthy finger food, plus homemade rhubarb ketchup for some perfect summer flavour!

  • jun9-tofu

    Flax crusted tofu with garlic grilled veggies & mint rhubarb vinaigrette

    Whether you love tofu or not, Randy Feltis transforms its bland taste with yummy flax crusting and flavour-packed rhubarb dressing.