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randy feltis

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  • mar24-steak

    Rib steak with scalloped‎ potato & mint cucumber salad

    If you're looking to save your money but still eat lavishly, Chef Randy Feltis has the perfect recipe for you!

  • mar9-breadpudding

    Apple & pancetta savory bread pudding

    Chef Randy Feltis turns a sweet dish savory with this delicious entrée.

  • feb2-mozza

    DIY mozzarella

    You'll never want to go back to store-bought mozzarella once you try this delicious and easy homemade version from Chef Randy Feltis!

  • feb2-poptarts

    DIY Elvis pop tarts

    Peanut butter, bananas and bacon all in one? Chef Randy Feltis shares his DIY Elvis pop tarts that both kids and adults will love.

  • jan27-randy

    Seared strip steak with sweet corn salsa and 6-minute potato rosti

    Chef Randy Feltis shows us a quick savory steak dish with simple ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen.

  • dec30-shrimp

    Shrimp and grits

    Add a bit of Southern flavour to your party with these easy mini mains from Chef Randy Feltis.

  • dec30-poutine

    Poutine fountain

    Wow your party guests with this amazing gravy fountain for a make-your-own poutine bar from Chef Randy Feltis!

  • dec16-meringue

    Chewy meringue

    These easy and delicious meringues make a great base for a dessert, or they're also fantastic to enjoy on their own!

  • dec16-gingerbread

    Big-time gingerbread cookies

    It's Chef Randy Feltis' quick and easy way to baking gingerbread cookies, even if you're not a baker!

  • nov24-coconutpie

    Deep dish coconut cream pie

    Dust off your old springform pans and bake up this decadent pie from Chef Randy Feltis!

  • nov24-tortiere

    Deep dish tourtiere

    This classic French meat pie makes for a hearty and satisfying meal in the winter.

  • nov11-skinnydip

    Dublin skinny dip

    We're making chip-dipping classy with this yummy dip recipe from Chef Randy Feltis.

  • nov11-rawbar

    The veggie raw bar

    Choose your own adventure at the salad bar with Chef Randy Feltis!

  • nov3-gnocchi

    Roasted garlic ricotta gnocchi with olive oil tomato ragu

    Wow your dinner guests with this easy, cheesy homemade gnocchi from Chef Randy Feltis.

  • nov3-beets

    Golden beet poutine

    Give your beets a delicious new twist and bake them up like french fries in this creative dish from Chef Randy Feltis.

  • oct28-shrimpbrain

    Shrimp brain cocktail

    It's food for the braiiiiin with Chef Randy Feltis.

  • oct21-foccacia

    The ultimate focaccia sandwich

    Turn that pizza dough into a mouthwatering sandwich from Chef Randy Feltis.

  • oct21-pizzadough

    Homemade pizza dough

    Want to make your own pizza from scratch? Chef Randy Feltis has you covered with this recipe!

  • oct21-saltyballs

    PIE’s Salty Balls

    If you can't make it to Chef Randy Feltis' restaurant PIE in Barrie, try making his delicious savoury appetizer at home instead!

  • oct8-meatballs

    Blue cheese-stuffed chicken meatballs with carrot purée

    Fill your mouth with flavour with Randy Feltis' cheese-filled meatballs, perfect for your next casual get-together.