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randy feltis

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  • sept10-chopsalad

    Market chop chop salad

    Randy brings us the salad to end all salads: the "chop chop" — where no veggie is spared.

  • sept10-flatchicken

    Lemon garlic rosemary flat chicken

    If you are tight for time, Randy Feltis brings us a quick and easy flat chicken recipe to feed the whole family in record time.

  • zucchinirelish

    Randy’s zucchini relish

    If you have too much zucchini or just can’t get enough of it, why not make it into a relish? Randy Feltis brings us the best and easiest zucchini relish recipe your family will love.

  • aug25-cauliflower

    Cauliflower steak with sweet corn and mussels

    Ever heard of a veggie steak? Let Randy Feltis introduce you to your next favourite, healthy meal with his drool-worthy cauliflower steak.

  • aug25-apps

    3 stylish (and yummy!) appetizer ideas

    Who knew Tostitos could be fancied up like this? Randy Feltis shows us how to make 3 delicious appetizer ideas your guests will love!

  • jul29-hotsauce

    Homemade hot sauce

    Do you like your sauce hot or mild? Whatever you prefer, you can create you own custom hot sauce with Randy's sure-fire recipe that you can keep for up to two years!

  • jul29-soup

    Tomato and peach soup with mint pistachio pesto

    Upgrade your average tomato soup with Randy Feltis’ veggie/fruit hybrid paired with a delectable mint pesto!

  • jun30-tacos

    Crispy pork belly tacos

    We sure do love tacos, especially when they go beyond the basics! This fresh take on tacos is a hearty lunch or dinner the whole family will love.

  • jun24-soup

    Champagne shallot soup

    Randy Feltis shares his delicious recipe and a serving idea that's perfect for parties!

  • jun10-rhubarbpizza

    Rhubarb Nutella pizza

    With rhubarb in season, it's time to reap in all its benefits with a delicious dessert pizza for a post-dinner treat!

  • jun10-rhubarbcocktail

    Rhubarb Bellini

    Mix some fresh rhubarb with a little bit of bubbly to create this yummy cocktail you can enjoy all summer long.

  • jun10-bacon

    Bacon-wrapped chicken chops with rhubarb ketchup

    Randy Feltis creates drool-worthy finger food, plus homemade rhubarb ketchup for some perfect summer flavour!

  • jun9-tofu

    Flax crusted tofu with garlic grilled veggies & mint rhubarb vinaigrette

    Whether you love tofu or not, Randy Feltis transforms its bland taste with yummy flax crusting and flavour-packed rhubarb dressing.

  • jun9-salad

    Rib-eye steak salad with pear, blue cheese & potatoes

    A salad has never tasted so good with this delicious savoury dinner your family will love!

  • apr29-crab

    Lump crab cake with red wine poached egg

    Impress your mom with this elegant and delicious dish from Chef Randy Feltis!

  • spring_pea_soup

    Spring pea soup with mint cucumber yogurt

    If you've only ever had canned pea soup, you're in for a treat! Randy's spring pea soup, made with seasonal garden peas, is bright, fresh, and perfectly satisfying.

  • chicken_pot

    One-pot chicken with spring vegetables

    This dish is the epitome of spring -- chicken with lots of fresh green vegetables and herbs. The best part is, it cooks up in one pot!

  • apr8showguide

    Get creative with chocolate this Easter!

    Randy Feltis shares a lesson in tempering chocolate, and how to make homemade Easter eggs (with a little help from Jason Priestley!).

  • mar11-beefstew

    Classic Guinness stew

    Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with this traditional Irish stew from Chef Randy Feltis.

  • feb24-pho

    Spring crab pho

    Escape the winter blahs with this Vietnamese noodle soup from Randy Feltis -- it'll warm you up in no time!