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Our guest experts get dolled up

December 24, 2013

(Encore) Tracy Moore and our Cityline guest experts showcase everything you need to get ready for the bustling holiday season! Acclaimed Canadian vocalists, The Tenors stop by the studio to serenade the crowd.

  • Show

    Ultimate Holiday Guide

  • Products & Sources

    Fashions from Yorkdale, www.yorkdale.com

    Shawn Gibson:

    Harry Rosen

    Randy Feltis:

    Cashmere pullover, shirt, and jeans: J.Crew
    Black watch plaid blazer and quilted vest: Club Monaco
    Shoes and socks: David’s
    Shoelaces, pocket square and flowers from Stolen Riches

    Dr. Karyn Gordon:

    Entire outfit: J.Crew

    Dr. Marjorie Dixon:

    Dress: Kate Spade
    Coat, purse, and gloves: Hugo Boss
    Scarf: Club Monaco
    Shoes: Davids Footwear

    Bryce Wylde:

    Hugo Boss

    Shoana’s credits:
    Indigo, www.chapters.indigo.ca

    Lilac Napkins
    Riedel O Cabernet
    Riedel O Chardonnay
    Silver Grey Placemat
    Pinecone Taper Medium
    Pinecone Taper Large
    Mercury Hurricane Small
    Mercury Hurricane Large
    Bubbly Champagne Flutes
    Gift Box Place card Holders
    Silver Lustre Charger
    Fawn Grey Ramekin
    Fawn Grey Dinner Plate
    Fawn Grey Salad Plate
    Heirloom Pinecone Salt & Pepper Shakers
    Silver Compote Dish
    Holiday Throw in Chocolate
    Wonderland Foil Print Pillow
    Striped Sequin Pillow
    Birds Snow globe
    Owl Snow globe
    Moose Snow globe
    Rabbit Snow globe

    HomeSense, www.homesense.ca

    Woodland Christmas Dinner plate
    Woodland Christmas Side plate
    Woodland Christmas Bowl
    Cut Crystal Wine Glass
    Riedel Cabernet Sauvignon Stem Wine Glass
    Red Napkins
    White Napkins
    Glass and chrome table
    Glass accessories and jeweled boxes

    Other credits:
    Studio Specialties, www.superiorstudio.com
    Decorative ornaments for the studio set

    ELTE, www.elte.com
    Furniture for the set

    Italdoor, www.italdoor.com
    Exterior doors for Brian and Kimberley’s segment

    Sheridan Nurseries, www.sheridannurseries.com
    Fresh greenery and urns for Brian and Kimberley’s set

    The Bay, www.thebay.com
    Decor for Brian and Kimberley’s set

    Tracy’s footwear provided by:
    Town Shoes http://www.townshoes.com/

    Tracy’s clothing provided by:
    Freda’s http://www.fredas.com/

  • Guest Experts

    Featured in-studio guests:

    Lynn Spence


    Sandra Pittana


    Lisa Rogers


    Michael Bonacini

    Oliver & Bonacini, www.oliverbonacini.com

    Massimo Capra

    Mistura, www.massimocapra.com

    Jason Parsons

    Peller Estates, www.peller.com

    Dino Dilio

    Dino Dilio Beauty, www.dinodilio.com

    Bill Rowley

    Philosophy, www.philosophysalon.ca

    Kimberley Seldon, www.kimberleyseldon.com

    Brian Gluckstein, www.glucksteinhome.com

    Shoana Jensen, www.shoanajensen.com

    The Tenors, www.tenorsmusic.com

    Featured guests from taped segments:

    Derek Selby

    Cover FX, www.coverfx.com

    Kirk Brierley

    Johnson & Johnson Canada, www.jnjcanada.com

    Mairlyn Smith, www.mairlynsmith.com

    Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault

    Benjamin Moore,  www.benjaminmoore.ca

    Karen Sealy, www.sealydesigninc.com

    Featured guest models:

    Shawn Gibson

    Teatro Verde, www.teatroverde.com

    Grace Tartaglia

    Image Makeover, www.imagemakeovertoronto.com

    Bryce Wylde, www.wyldeabouthealth.com

    Marjorie Dixon

    First Steps Fertility, www.firststepsfertility.ca

    Randy Feltis

    Oscar’s Barrie, www.oscarsrestaurant.ca

    Dr. Karyn Gordon, www.drkaryn.com

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