Girls Night In

Grab your BFF, it's Girls Night In! How to rock PJ's all day long, tips for entertaining with fun drinks like wine slushies and easy appetizers. Plus follow Tracy and Mairlyn as they head for a girls' weekend to Las Vegas!
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Tracy’s clothing provided by Freda's

Tracy’s shoes provided by Town Shoes

PJ's for entire audience provided by Old Navy

Elmwood Spa

Citrus Silver

Silk bracelet

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Get Mairlyn Smith's mango wine slushie recipe.
Get Mairlyn Smith's chai roasted almonds recipe.
Get Mairlyn Smith's apple and onion tartlet recipe.

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Elte Market

Studio set

Jessica Mulroney's daytime PJ looks:

Look 1—Old Navy and Gap

Look 2—Gap
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Kiss eyelashes and glue products

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