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Tips and products to help you thrive this winter and brave the elements! Plus warming, hearty recipes and the perfect hot drinks to cozy up with this winter.
Products and Services

Tracy’s clothing provided by Freda's

Tracy’s shoes provided by Town Shoes

Products and Services

For White Chocolate Matcha recipe, click here
For Spiced Hot Chocolate recipe, click here
For Spiced Hot Cider recipe, click here.
For Apple/Pear Stuffed Roasted Dessert recipe, click here.

Products and Services

To get David Rocco's chickpea stew recipe, click here.

Products and Services

Canadian Tire
Winter Tires
Car heater (timer so your car is warm in the morning)
De icer
Car Safety Kit
Good wiper blades
Any other cool accessory
Battery operated snow blower
Big snow blower with heated handle bars
Big shovel scooping shovel
Small Shovel
Kids Shovel
Ergonomic Shovel
Earth Friendly salt

Products and Services

Live Out There
Sleeping Bag
Yoga Mat
Daypack and Duffle Bag
Mugs and Vacuum Thermos

Board Games

Indigo / Chapters
Throw Blanket

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