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(Encore) Tips on tiling, two teens get fabulous bedroom makeovers and DIY planters for the garden.
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Tracy’s clothing provided by Freda's

Tracy’s shoes provided by Town Shoes

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Products and Services

Benjamin Moore 

Room design 1:

upper wall: Cream Puff 2174-70 Natura Flat

lower wall: Black Satin 2131-10 Advance High Gloss


Room design 2:

Rosy Blush 2086-30 Natura Flat


Teen boy's bedroom makeover:

wall: Cool Breeze CSP-665 Aura Matte

chalkboard wall: Raccoon Fur 2126-20

ceiling & trim: Oxford White CC-30 Aura Satin


Teen girl's bedroom makeover:

wall: Grey Owl OC-52, Aura Matte

ceiling & trim: White Dove OC-52, Aura Satin


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