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We’re helping to lower your stress levels during the busy month of June we’ve got prep-and-store recipes to help survive this chaotic time. Plus tips on fitting more time for reading into your routine, and everything you need to know about sugar.
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Check out the following links for more information on sugar:

Diabetes Canada's Position on Sugars - Diabetes Canada talks about the amount of sugar intake in our diets, plus the negative effects of consuming sugars on the risk of overweight, obesity, and developing diabetes.

5 Keys to a Healthy Diet - World Health Organization recommends eating less sugar as one of the five keys to eating healthy. Consuming less sugar reduces the risk of obesity, tooth decay, heart disease, and stroke.

Food Labelling for Consumers - Learn how to read food labels and understand the sugar content in food with Canada Food Inspection Agency's interactive learning tool.

56 names for sugar: Are you eating more than you realize - Hidden sugars are everywhere and you may not have even heard of many of them.

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