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Behind The Scenes

Tracy Moore with the straight goods on what’s happening on the show and behind the scenes!

Fall Fit Weekend

Bootcamp, box jumps and burpees

It had to be fate. Flipping through various magazines, I kept coming across fitness vacations that looked like my kind of heaven. I dreamt of leaving my family behind for a week of bootcamp, burning glutes and burpees. If you’re NOT a fitness junkie like myself, you are probably throwing up right now. But stay Read More


Who did I run for?

Who did I run for? J.C. – Cityline‘s beloved floor director and my friend. Diagnosed with breast cancer this year. Cynthia Mulligan – Citytv veteran reporter and my friend. Breast cancer survivor. Aunt Lynette – Courtesy aunt with whom I grew up. Diagnosed with breast cancer last year. So this year the choice to run Read More

Tracy and Pattie Mallette

I’m a Bielieber in Pattie Mallette

It’s been a big week for big names on Cityline. Yesterday it was my homey Brad Smith (the hottie from The Bachelor Canada). Today it’s a hottie in a smaller package (4 ft 8 inches to be exact). Justin Bieber’s mom Patti Malette stopped by on her tour to promote her book Nowhere But Up: Read More

Tracy and Brad

Meet my favourite Bachelor

If you are a Bachelor-file (I made the word up, okay) like I am, and love all things Bachelor, you will be excited like I am for October 3 when we all get to see just how skanky Canadian girls can get. Sorry I take that back. It’s not about the skanky – it’s all Read More


Coffee for a cause

Last year my good friend and trainer Stephanie Joanne challenged a bunch of us here at Citytv to ditch five things for 15 days. Refined sugar, refined flour and alcohol (alcohol, people!) were all on the list. Want to know what hurt me the most? Ditching coffee. That’s when I learned that when everything is Read More

10-for-10 1

It begins!

This morning after committing to a 10-week fitness program with my trainer Stephanie Joanne, she decided to put it all out there and revealed my current weight. Via Twitter.


Behind the scenes at TIFF

Once a year, the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) violates this city like a glittery hurricane, dominating our headlines, restaurants and bars with the pretty people of Hollywood. And then, right about now, the violated start to lick their wounds, swear off alcohol and kick off our stilettos in the leftover trail of star dust. Read More

Back to school 1

I’m brave!

Guess who didn’t cry this morning? Me! Weird question to ask, but it was Sidney’s first day of Junior Kindergarten and since I am an emotional ball of Play-Doh, I thought for sure I was headed for breakdown. But nope, I was strong. Oh, you actually want to hear about my son perhaps, and not Read More

Behind the scenes at Mega Makeover Madness!

It’s back! Today we filmed our Mega Makeover Madness special – our winners and stylists were up super early, but it was SO worth it because they look SO GREAT! Take a behind-the-scenes look at what was happening before the show got started, and don’t forget to tune in on Friday, September 7 at 9am Read More

Kenyan kids 1

Action, not tears

You know when you hear a story that just stops you in your tracks? I’ll admit that since becoming a mom I cry. A lot. Mostly when it comes to sad stories involving children or families being torn apart. Sometimes it’s just a Tim Horton’s commercial, but the point is I’m a bit of a Read More

Suzie and her birthday desk

Suzie’s b-day!

Wanna know who reminds me to blog every day? It’s Suzanne Gardner – one half of our beloved web team! She posts all of my ramblings, gets my pictures up and generally blesses us all with her sunny disposition. This morning, certain members of our team (Amber-Rose) decided to put the spotlight back on Suzie Read More

The "Befores"

Getting ready for Mega Makeover Madness!

Several weeks and thousands of entries later, we have selected the winners for our Mega Makeover Madness show. They all met today in our studio to take their “before” shots and get to know their stylists. Among them, Grace Tartaglia, Bill Rowley, Maurice and Phillipe Fiorio and Marc Anthony on hair AND Derek Selby, Kirk Read More


Back to school time!

Is it just me, or is back to school the perfect time of year for everyone? Fine, it’s just me…but hear me out. If you’re a parent, your kids are going to be learning all day long, and quite frankly they’ll be back on schedule and out of your hair for a good portion of Read More

Tracy and Eva

Last summer vacation

Without saying that summer is over (I refuse) I will admit that my family has just taken our last family vacation. Sigh. We wrapped it up right though, with a week-long stay at a good friend’s cottage in Muskoka. We kayaked, paddle-boarded, boated and generally ate and drank too much (me and Lio, not the Read More


What will you do?

One day I was asked to update my online biography. As I read through my work history (snooze-fest) my focus zeroed in on something else: a high school speaking series on non-violence and media literacy, initiated by me; a long form current affairs piece on how the Toronto District School Board’s zero-tolerance policy was unfairly Read More


Welcome Chatelaine!

Each time a copy of Chatelaine magazine lands on my desk I have a routine. I read the editor’s letter, skip to the health news, read the fitness stuff and then go back to the beginning to read everything in between. And every time all I can think is that so many of the articles Read More

Sandra’s peepers

I love the fact that you love our Fashion Friday stylists. But it seems your top priority isn’t always what they’re talking about on set. Often it’s all about what they’re wearing. And for Sandra Pittana…it’s all about those glasses! I talked to Sandra at the end of our taping today to ask her about Read More


Toilet TV

Today on Home Day (airs Thursday, August 9 at 9am) designer Eric McClelland showed us a house with a TV...in the toilet.