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Behind The Scenes

Tracy Moore with the straight goods on what’s happening on the show and behind the scenes!


What will you do?

One day I was asked to update my online biography. As I read through my work history (snooze-fest) my focus zeroed in on something else: a high school speaking series on non-violence and media literacy, initiated by me; a long form current affairs piece on how the Toronto District School Board’s zero-tolerance policy was unfairly Read More


Welcome Chatelaine!

Each time a copy of Chatelaine magazine lands on my desk I have a routine. I read the editor’s letter, skip to the health news, read the fitness stuff and then go back to the beginning to read everything in between. And every time all I can think is that so many of the articles Read More

Sandra’s peepers

I love the fact that you love our Fashion Friday stylists. But it seems your top priority isn’t always what they’re talking about on set. Often it’s all about what they’re wearing. And for Sandra Pittana…it’s all about those glasses! I talked to Sandra at the end of our taping today to ask her about Read More


Toilet TV

Today on Home Day (airs Thursday, August 9 at 9am) designer Eric McClelland showed us a house with a TV...in the toilet.

Sidney hard at work

Paying for chores

The other day Sidney (my 4-year-old) told me he wanted to build houses. I told him building houses takes money. He asked me where you get the money from.


Hair Hell

My daughter has a lot of hair. I’m serious – look at the photos. You may be wondering why I’m telling you this, but the point is, her hair kinda gives me grief. It’s beautiful, bountiful and gorgeous…but it’s work.

In Calgary: Stampede Royalty

I met Candice, Dani and Jessica while in Calgary. They are Stampede 100's Queen and Princesses and taught me a thing or two!

Day 1: Thursday, June 21 “We’re here!”

Right after wrapping Thursday's taping of Cityline, me, my 1000 pounds of luggage, Donna (producer) and Patrick (videographer) jumped in a cab and whipped over to the airport.

Tracy at Disney 1

Mickey and Me (Land and Sea)

I’m the kind of parent who doesn’t frequent nice restaurants with my kids. I also stay away from grocery shopping if it’s close to nap time and sit in the last pew with them in church. Know why? I can’t stand to have my little ones screaming or acting up in front of an audience. Read More

Tracy’s Bachelor Video Blog — The Finale

And it’s all over! Tracy and Tracy react to the finale, Ben’s choice, and the After the Final Rose…and they complain about Ben a lot. (Can you blame them?)

Tracy’s Bachelor Video Blog — Week Six

Between the 2-on-1 salsa date with Blakeley and Rachel, the sudden departure of Casey, and the last ditch romancing by Jamie, the word of the week was ‘awkward!’

Tracy’s Bachelor Video Blog — Week Five

In Week Five, Tracy and Tracy dish about Emily’s big mouth (she really needs to stop mentioning Courtney), Jennifer’s tearful departure from the show (which was a big shocker, many thought she was perfect for Ben), and the continued controversy that is Courtney. Love her or hate her, you can’t ignore her.

Tracy’s Bachelor Video Blog — Week Four

In Week 4, Tracy and Tracy offer their thoughts on Samantha’s confrontation, Emily’s decision to bash Courtney to Ben, Monica’s teary departure, and of course Courtney herself.