Yeah Mon: To Jamaica And Back

| Staff
Behind The Scenes - Montego Bay 1

I’m still not used to the fact that there are no free buffets and an open bar within a kilometer of my desk. This is what happens when you spend a week at an amazing resort.

Lio, Sidney and I flew to Jamaica a week ago to visit my Grandma in Kingston, and take in some sun and sand in Montego Bay.

While the food wasn’t up there with anything Jason, Michael or Massimo would create – it was good enough to help me pack on a few pounds!

Needless to say my bikini was feeling a little tight by day seven.

But vacation is all about not caring…and I didn’t.

The deal we got was so amazing I never imagined our resort would be so breathtaking. Every morning we opened our curtains to the sea. Every night the sound of waves rocked us to sleep. And in between, Sidney proved to be as much a water-baby as his mom and dad.

I thought I’d share some of our vacation memories with you through the following photos.