Week 3 Workout: Time To Check In

| Cityline.ca Staff

Time to check in and evaluate your journey this far into our Shape-Up Challenge.


What you should be noticing:

By now the first thing I am looking for is that your workouts are not as difficult as the first ones. Have you been listening to your body? Have you been taking note of which areas you are working? Have you noticed that some moves are easier than others? Have you had an incredible amount of energy on certain days and none on others? Do you like some exercises more than others? This week I’d like you pay special attention to these questions.


Week 3:

In this week’s program I have also outlined which major area you are primarily working for each exercise. Since you can identify the area now the goal is to focus on the mind-body connection we spoke about earlier and feel that area.


The plan is still to condition or in many cases re-condition the body. I love to do this by utilizing multi-joint exercises (moves that work more than one muscle group).


Still using 5-10 pounds dumbbells, move from one exercise to the next without rest. Once you are done all moves, rest 2 minutes and get back to it for 2 more rounds (3 in total). This weeks it’s 15 repetitions.


New Program:

5-10 min warmup  – You know the drill.

30-40 min workout

(all 15 reps)


Squat with Lateral Raise

Dead-Lift and High-Pull (back of legs and shoulders)

V-sit and Press (core and shoulders)

Reverse Lunch and Bicep Curl (legs and biceps)

High Plank and Row with no weight (Core and upper back)

Wall Sit (Legs and core)

Leg Raises (lower abs)

(repeat 2 more times)


5-10 min Cooldown


Good luck and happy workouts!