Makeup Mess-up

| Staff

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I thought it was just another weekend of shopping with my girls at the Eaton Centre until my 12-year-old daughter Maya brought up what I thought a simple request as we passed by a well-known makeup brand counter. “Daddy I need to pick up a makeup brush! Please…you don’t understand…this is the store that has really good ones…Please, Daddy!”

Now usually on my weekend with the girls a simple phone call to their mother or my partner would solve my problems but a brush…no big deal right?

So in I went to this makeup store buzzing with young girls testing makeup and eager sales reps willing to coach, apply, and give any help necessary. It was all a little overwhelming for me as one young man had already assisted Maya in a brush and was now also giving her information on foundation. It was all happening so fast….and the next thing I know I’m approaching the end of a long line with a cashier ringing in my total that was approaching $100!!! And was then asking information for Maya’s profile! Maya’s what? And what was that total again?….I snapped out of my little fog after the sale was complete and Maya was smiling gleefully as we walked away from the store. With only two purchases — a makeup brush and a foundation — charged to my credit card and Maya’s new profile set up. I left the mall feeling just a little “messed up” to say the least.


This experience has left this dad with a few questions and because I am lucky enough to work on CityLine I was able to not only ask questions but get some answers as well (watch the video below).

Thanks to the show for always being there as a great resource for not only the women out there but for us men too...And a dad like me needs a lot of help!