150′s I See You…

| Cityline.ca Staff

Milestones are important.

When your newborn smiles it’s a big deal. When your teenager gets his driver’s license you celebrate (even as you have a silent heart attack).

Well, fitness milestones are important too.

When you can all of a sudden do all your pushups on your toes. Or when you wake up before your alarm clock and realize your body wants to exercise.

I’m about to embark on a weight milestone that’s making me mighty happy. I’m very close to hitting the 150′s on the scale!

If you are 115 pounds stop reading this immediately and go eat a brownie.

If you are anywhere within the range of 150 (just under or over) you can understand that this isn’t just about a number…

It’s about a number that has been decreasing since I started on this healthy eating odyssey two months ago.

When you start at 200 – the 150′s are a super big deal.

Right now as I write this I am sitting at 160 pounds.

I do my weigh-ins on Wednesday mornings.

Now I’ve been told many times to only weigh myself once a week. Good thing I’m not one of those A-type personalities who wakes up, strips off all of her clothes and jumps on the scale after going pee (an empty bladder can take off a whole pound you know).

Ahem, now that would just be pathetic.

I have, however, been sticking to the once-a-week weigh-in rule because our bodies are weird things and can lose and gain 3-4 pounds between breakfast and dinner. Who wants to jump on the scale every morning just to see that the number is up for no good reason?

Not me.

The question this week is…will this be the week I hit 159?

Who knows?

Okay I’m not going to sound all nonchalant when really I’m thinking please let this be the week! But let’s say it isn’t. Instead of giving up and getting all sour I’m going to re-focus my efforts and try to eat even cleaner and work out as steadily to make sure I hit my goal the next week.

And if it is – yay! My efforts are paying off.

Either way, I’ll let you know.