How to deal with an off-centre window

An off-centre window can throw a curveball in your design plans, but Yanic Simard has all the design solutions you need!

“When something is off-centre or unbalanced it’s like nails on a chalkboard for me!” says designer Yanic Simard. Having an off-centre window can throw a curveball in your design plans, but Yanic says there are many ways to work around this problem. It’s all about creating balance in the wall to draw the attention away from the off-centre window. Yanic has four affordable solutions for this design disaster.

The first approach is to start by doing drapes on either side of the off-centre window. Yanic recommends adding two more panels of drapes where a second window would be so that they can be drawn closed to hide the off-centre window.

Another solution is to use a sticker on the wall that looks like a realistic window similar to the one Yanic uses in this segment. This will create the appearance of having two windows on the wall. The bonus is that you will have a million-dollar golf course view out of the second window!

The most important thing to remember is that you’re trying to create balance in the wall. This can be done using other decorative items such as picture frames or a clock hung on the wall. If the whole installation has the same dimensions as the window, it will work to visually complement the shape of the window. Before you know it, the off-centered window won’t be a problem anymore!

Finally, you can also mask the window using a blind that matches the wall colour. When decorating your room, Yanic says “Get the blind first and then match the colour on the wall, it’s much easier!”

For more off-centre window design tips from Yanic, watch the clip below!

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