Easy ways to mix patterns in your decor

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| Cityline.ca

Adding patterns to a room’s decor can be an intimidating idea to many, but Shai DeLuca-Tamasi assures us that it’s easy to do! Follow these tips from Shai to incorporate one, two, three or more patterns to a room.

First pattern: Choose carefully as it will make the strongest statement in the space and will be the starting point for your additional pattern choices.

Second pattern: Choose a very different pattern from the first, but at half the scale. For example, if the first pattern is a floral, look for a more geometric pattern of the same colour.

Third pattern: The third pattern works best if it is slightly smaller in scale to the first two. You can use a contrasting colour here. This adds an additional layer to the room, as well as an inspiration point for a second colour to be added to the space.

Fourth or fifth pattern: If you feel that the room warrants additional layers, you can move onto patterns 4 and 5. Keep using the rules for the first three patterns, but feel free to alternate with contrasting colours. To add the finishing touches, pull colour inspiration from the patterns you’ve chosen to add, by layering in rugs, accessories, art or sculpture.