DIY screen printing

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Screen printing is a really hot trend right now on everything from pillows to t-shirts and so much more. Antonio Bellusci shows us how to do it yourself at home.

First, Antonio teaches us how to make your own screen:

DIY screen making

Materials & tools:

  • Wood frame
  • Staple tool & staples
  • Screen printing fabric
  • Screen drawing fluid & brush
  • Screen filler liquid
  • Squeegee
  • Scrap upholstery fabric
  • Bristle brush


1. Place screen printing fabric on flat surface and position frame over top.

2. Pull and hold fabric along opposite sides and position ready for stapling to frame.

3. Use strips of scrap upholstery fabric (heavy weight fabric) along stapled edges to protect screen fabric from ripping when stapled.

4. Staple fabric to wood frame around perimeter until taut.

5. Using brush & drawing fluid, paint design onto back side of frame. Let dry in horizontal position.

6. When dry, pour screen filler liquid over same side of painted design and spread with squeegee to cover entire face of screen. Let dry in horizontal position.

7. When dry, rinse screen under cold water. Where screen filler was in contact with drawing fluid, it will come clean and design will show through. Use bristle brush to help brush away drawing fluid under running water.

Approximate Cost: $10 – $20 per screen

Now that you've made your screen, Antonio shows us how to do your own screen printing:

DIY screen printing

Materials & tools:

  • Screen
  • Painter's tape
  • Screen printing paint
  • Fabric / art board
  • Squeegee
  • Painting trowels & mixing tools


1. Using painter's tape, tape to cover inside edges of screen – preventing paint from spilling out of unmasked part of screen (under frame).

2. Place fabric or art board on flat surface.

3. Position screen over top.

4. Pour paint over screen and spread with squeegee to cover entire face of screen. Spread paint over screen 4-6 times in each direction to ensure proper coverage. Gently remove after spreading paint.

Approximate Cost: $10 - $20 per design

Want to try out Antonio's designs at home? Download a PDF of each design here:

Courtesy Antonio Bellusci, @abellusci