Goat feta, toasted fennel seed, and caramelized onion dip

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This dip, perfect for your next holiday party, is made with sweet caramelized onion, salty goat feta, and anise fennel seed.


2 whole onions

2 tsp walnut oil

2 tsp grape seed oil

3 tbsp organic balsamic vinegar

2 tsp toasted fennel seed

1 cup goat feta cheese

1 cup sour cream


1)    Slice the onions very thin and sauté over medium heat using the walnut and grape seed oil. Stir every 30 seconds as the onions start to turn golden brown.

2)   Once brown, add the balsamic vinegar, rub the bottom of the pan with a wooden spoon and set aside to cool.

3)   Once cool, roughly chop.

4)   In a bowl, mix the goat feta and sour cream.

5)   Once combined, crush the toasted fennel seed and add to the cheese.

6)   Follow with the chopped caramelized onion.

7)   Season with salt, pepper and chill before serving.

Courtesy Jason Parsons, @chefparsons