DIY: Tree preservative and homemade garland


Get in the DIY spirit with your festive greenery, including this tree preservative mix and homemade garland from Carson Arthur.

DIY tree preservative mix

Keep your tree healthy and vibrant throughout the holiday season with this easy mixture.

Mix together:

1 cup boiling water

1 tbsp vinegar  (this acidifies the water and helps the tree absorb the ‘food’)

1 tsp bleach  (germ and bacteria killer)

5 tbsp plain white sugar  (similar to the sap that the roots would produce)

DIY garland

Create a unique garland that matches your tastes with this simple, festive project.



Floral wire

Cedar boughs and/or magnolia branches



Attach the wire to the first bough and then wrap wire around the rope.

Continue layering boughs and attaching them using more wire.

Tip: Mix different types of boughs to create a unique look.

Care: Simply mist the boughs every 2-3 days to keep the stems moist.

Courtesy Carson Arthur,