DIY holiday chair covers


Give your dining room table a festive makeover with these DIY chair covers.


DIY holiday chair covers


Pre-washed pillow cases


Iron-on hemming tape

Pom-pom trim

Mylar paper and a silhouette image printed from online

Sharpie marker

Low tack spray adhesive

Benjamin Moore’s Aura interior paint in “Oxford White”

Foam paint brush

How To:

Measure the back of your chair to determine the length required for the pillow case.

Add an inch for hemming and then cut off all excess.

Using iron-on hemming tape, fold a 1” bottom hem of the pillow case over the hemming tape and iron on high heat.

Iron on a row of trim pom-poms using the same hemming tape to the bottom edge.

Next, select a silhouette clip art image from online, print, and then trace it onto the clear mylar paper.

Cut the image out and apply a light spray of low tack adhesive to the stencil template.

Affix the stencil onto the center of the pillow case back.

Insert a piece of cardboard or a plastic place mat inside the pillow case before painting so the paint won’t seep through.

Apply a coat of paint to the stencil pattern using a dabbing motion with a foam brush.

Carefully remove the mylar stencil and allow the paint to dry thoroughly.

Courtesy Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault,