’s Holiday Gift Guide: Winston’s top 5 gifts for the tech lover

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Need help buying the perfect gift this holiday season? We’ve asked some of our guest experts for their top present picks, based on their area of expertise.

Here, Winston Sih shares his top 5 gift ideas for the tech lover:

1. Canon PowerShot SX260HS: Winston recommends this camera for people who want to take great photos while they're on the go. "This camera has many of those high-quality DSLR-type features in a compact, point-and-shoot camera," he explains.

2. iPad mini: Winston's been using his iPad mini for a couple of months now and he's really impressed with Apple's latest product. "They're great because you can simply throw it into your purse or your backpack. If you're a commuter coming into work or to go to school, it's great to have with you to put your e-books on, check your emails - it's a wonderful gadget to have."

3. Nintendo Wii U: Gamers will be wanting the new Nintendo Wii U this year. What's great about the Wii U is that it can be used with a TV for the whole family to enjoy, or as a single hand-held console similar to a Nintendo Gameboy or DS.

4. Apple TV: "An AppleTV is great because you can load all your favourite music, your favourite movies, and you can load Netflix on there," explains Winston. This is a really great option for those who don't have cable at home.

5. Rock-It Speaker: OrigAudio is a great Canadian company that makes these little speakers that can fit on top of your coffee table, and using vibration it can play music off of your cell phone. "So if you're at the beach or if you're at a friend's place, you can bring your music wherever you are and entertain a whole group of people," suggests Winston.