5 tips to make a holiday party kid-friendly

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Kids decorating gingerbread house

Holiday party season is approaching, and if you’re inviting parents with children to your gathering, it’s important to make it kid-friendly. Including child-focused amenities will not only make your little guests feel welcome — it will also help your parent attendees enjoy the gathering more. Here are 5 tips to make a holiday party kid-friendly.

1. Add a kid menu to your buffet table. Fish crackers, mini mac & cheese, carrot sticks and juice boxes are easy to add to your menu. Worried about your fancy glasses and ceramic plates? Eco-friendly disposable plates and sippy cups are the perfect way for your little guests to enjoy their meal.

2. Child entertainment. Create an “activity corner” in your entertaining space with a few toys. Or make an “art area” with crayons, stickers and paper. Even a TV with an animated movie can entertain.

3. Baby-friendly area. Flag a room for a diaper changing area/baby feeding room. It costs nothing and is a great way to welcome your littlest of guests.

4. Include kids. Though you may have child entertainment and a baby area…kids should be seen and heard at a party…they are guests too! As the host, be sure to talk to the kids, ask about school, give them “jobs” to help out (giving out napkins to guests is a perfect small-size job).

5. Loot bags are always fun. Borrow the idea of loot bags from birthday parties and gift your little guests a holiday goodie bag to take home. Holiday-themed stickers, pencil, pad of paper, chocolate coins or tree ornaments are lovely take-aways. (Mini marshmallows in a plastic bag is a hilarious kid-gift of “Snowman Poop!” – they will talk about it the whole way home!)


Loot bags aren’t just for kids! Start gift-giving early by giving your party guests a small token of the party. A small holiday decoration for their house, a mini photo frame wrapped in a ribbon, a small homemade cookie package. Maybe even a copy of a group picture you took at the party!

Caroline Fernandez shares family friendly activities and tips on her site Parent Club (Twitter: @ParentClub)