The art of layering

A lesson in layering

Layering can be a challenging task, but if done right, it gives you a superb and tailored look, as well as allowing you to get more mileage out of the lighter-weight pieces in your wardrobe.  Rock the layers this fall with the help of these ideas from stylist Lisa Rogers.

Rogers says that proportions are everything in fashion this season.  Luckily, this allows you to be freer to use everything in your wardrobe to mix and match to fit your unique style.  The important thing to understand is how to visualize the layers coming together, and how they work proportionately.

Layer multiple jackets over a dress:  Consider taking a classic long dress, top it with a shorter vest/jacket, and pull the look together with a heavier trench coat for chillier nights on the town.  A white collared shirt underneath everything adds a note of polish and sophistication that’s both work-appropriate and dressy enough for an evening out.

When layering, make sure your layers are thin:  As you are wearing multiple layers, you want to make sure that you are comfortable and not sweating as the day progresses.

Proportions are everything:  Rogers stresses not to worry if your sweater is longer than your jacket. As a matter of fact, it’s encouraged in some cases.  Underneath your outerwear, pair a white collared shirt with a fitted vest, finished off with a leather shirt.

The rule about coats: Instead of a big heavy coat, layer multiple lightweight coats. Yes, it sounds absurd, but this allows you to peel off layers as needed and adjust as the winter months progress.  You can mix and match your layers; and the colder the temperatures are, the more layers you can add to complete your look.  Wear a scarf to tie the wardrobe together.

Lastly, in the winter, don’t be afraid to wear dresses:  If you are afraid of being cold, wear a comfortable blouse under the dress as well as tights or leggings. It will keep you warm, but still allow you the option to wear your favourite dresses all year round.

What layering methods do you incorporate into your daily style?  Share them in the comments below!