Stripes, Brights, and Dots, Oh My!

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July 29, 2011

This season’s most popular trend is printed patterns. Whether a tribal skirt or a nautical-inspired scarf, patterns are definitely in!

Photo finish

Carven has started to use the photography motif in his collection. Black and white photography is blown up and placed on clothing. Not long ago, he showcased a grey monotone A-line dress with an enlarged photo directly on the front.

Geek chic!

Who says that argyle is only for nerds? This season Christopher Kane incorporated argyle into his line. He used a bright orange argyle print on a three-quarter length, cropped sweater.

Fruity floral

Often called the fruit bowl print, the fruity motif has become a trendy look this summer. Designers are outfitting their models in prints with oranges, apples and grapes. Stella McCartney used a clean white suit and accented it with bright orange and yellow fruits to showcase her version of a flirty fruity print.

Jungle fever  

Leaves, palm trees and coconuts, this sounds a bit strange but everyone is going bananas about this particular print. Designers have begun the trend of jungle inspired prints. House of Holland decked out their models in a fun palm tree print. Both the pant and the crop top had bright green palm tree leaves covering the entire outfit.

Tribal goddess

Inspired by the ethnic prints of Africa, the tribal pattern has swept over the fashion world. Many mainstreams stores and designers have used this print in their spring/summer collections this year. Missoni used an array of different colours to illustrate an ethnic tribal print. Bright pinks, oranges and blues in various shapes are placed on top of a solid black fabric to create this look.

Wicked wallpapers

What was used on your walls is now in your closet! Wallpaper prints are now commonly used in skirts and dress shirts. Diane Von Furstenberg created a beautiful black and white wallpaper inspired ensemble. The suit had tiny white patterns covering the outfit. Paired with a bright lime green shirt and a brown belt, this outfit was runway ready!

Flower power

Although this isn’t the ’70s, floral prints are definitely hot this season. Flowers have taken over the fashion world, coming in an array of colours and sizes. Chanel has used flowers in their shoe collection by placing a floral print on chunky, black platforms.

Neat nautical

Ships ahoy! Whether ships, anchors, or rope knots, this printed pattern has carried over from last season. Gucci has designed a vintage scarf with a nautical print. Little anchors are placed on top of the white silk creating a beautiful and classic look.

Sexy snakeskin

Snakeskin is slithering into our closets this year. This motif covers almost any trendy fashion piece. Whether is it a fun and flirty little swimsuit or a chic satchel, this print is 100% versatile. This summer Michael Kors did an entire snakeskin blazer. This fitted blazer was outfitted with metallic embellishments around the torso to create a chic, sexy look.