Holiday Gift Guide: Anthony Sedlak’s Gifts For The Home Cook

Anthony Sedlak

For our first ever Holiday Gift Guide, we asked some of our guests and guest experts for their suggestions on what to get that special someone based on their area of expertise.

Here, Vancouver chef Anthony Sedlak shares his five ideas that the home cook in your life will be sure to love.

A mandoline: “You have the stainless steel mandoline, it’s made in France, costs about $200 and a year later it will go dull and you’ll have to replace it. Or you could buy the Japanese mandoline, the company’s called Bernard I think. They’re plastic and they kick butt. They’re about $40 or $50, and eventually the blade will go dull and you’ll have to replace it but at least it wasn’t a huge investment.”

A Y peeler or slingshot peeler: “I don’t know what the official name is but I call them pull peelers – they look like a slingshot and you actually pull them towards you instead of pushing them away.”

A really good Japanese knife: “One really great Japanese knife – either Shun or Mac. Those are beautiful knives and they really are my weapon of choice.”

Smoked paprika:  “If you want a little stocking stuffer. Smoked paprika is awesome, awesome stuff.”

An immersion blender: “A good immersion blender is absolutely indispensable in the kitchen.”

Bonus item:

A mortar and pestle

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